Peebles Elementary School

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Current OIP BLT Team 2012-2013 : Amanda Lamb, Robin Lucas, Lynda Henley, Jason Jandes, Rachel Sims, Kitty Grooms, Deirdre Mills (DLT), Elizabeth Beckham, Tom Reed, Kristi Thoroughman, Heidi McAdow.

The objective of our building plan for the Ohio Improvement Process at Peebles Elementary is to carry out our school mission of "academic excellence and strengthening character through quality education."  Our plan is being formulated to comply with the requirements of the Adams County/Ohio Valley School District's Ohio Improvement Process Plan, The Ohio Department of Education's plan as developed by the SST (State Support Team) and Title I Federal requirements.  Our plan will also enable our students to meet the challenges set forth in the No Child Left Behind Act.  The staff of Peebles Elementary is committed to teamwork and sound, data driven decisions for achieving our goals of improvement. Some examples of data used include Aims Web Reading and Math Fluency Probes, Attendance targeted data, Walkthrough data,  SWIS, Foresight Assessment testing, Study Island, and exit slips  We will continuously strive to attain the goals set forth in the guidelines of our Ohio Improvement Process action plan..

Teacher Based Teams: We currently have Teacher Based Teams at K-3 for Reading and Math, and Content Teams at Grades 4-6 in Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies. Our Inquiry Team deals with Behavior and Attendance.  These teams will develop plans with timelines to make sure the goals of the OIP are being carried out, but they also meet to report to the BLT (Building Level Team) strategies, action steps, success or failure within particular areas.  The BLT reviews these plans monthly and adopt or make new recommendations each year. Below are the school improvement plans at PES since 2002, and the new process OIP plans for (2010-2011).

Action Plan Documents  (Format - Adobe PDF documents)


  • SIP/ Language Arts action plan 2008-2009

  • SIP/Mathematics action plan 2008-2009

  • SIP/Parent Involvement action plan 2008-2009

  • SIP/Learning Environment action plan 2008-2009