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The Adams County/Ohio Valley School district has three elementary schools.
Click the links below for address, phone number and contact information.

North Adams Elementary School, Seaman, Ohio
Peebles Elementary School, Peebles, Ohio
West Union Elementary School, West Union, Ohio

North Adams Elementary School
2295 Moores Rd
Seaman, Ohio 45679
Telephone 1-937-386-2516
FAX 1-937-386-2032

Marla Young, Principal
Dierdre Mills, Assistant Principal
Anna Singer, Counselor

North Adams Elementary School Web Page

Peebles Elementary School
700 Peebles Indian Dr
Peebles, Ohio 45660
Telephone 1-937-587-2611
FAX 1-937-587-5240

Amanda Lamb, Principal
Carrie Fuller, Assistant Principal
Kathy Pryor, Counselor

Peebles Elementary School Web Page

West Union Elementary School
555 Lloyd Rd
West Union, Ohio 45693
Telephone 1-937-544-2951
FAX 1-937-544-7380

Shay Pennington, Principal
Emily Collett, Assistant Principal
Karl Boerger, RttT Coordinator-Assistant Principal

Troy Grooms, Counselor

West Union Elementary School Web Page